Dreamweaver Pearlescent Embossing Paste - Paper towels
Dreamweaver Glossy Black Embossing Paste - Variety of Metallic F/X colors
Glue stamp pad - Several cotton swabs
Palette knife - Various colors of 65 or 80# card stock
Removable tape - “Swiffer” brand sweeper cloths (refills)
Shallow pan of water - Jumbo dauber
Small scrub brush - Variety of 1/4” and 1/8” stencil brushes
* The Molten Magic technique requires a heat gun that heats very hot like a Milwaukee or Marvy brand


Attach the stencil to the card stock with removable tape. Extend the tape at least half an inch beyond all four edges of the stencil to keep the paste from migrating beyond the stencil. Use the palette knife to smooth the Embossing Paste into the stencil openings. To remove the stencil, peel off all but the first piece of tape applied, and flip the stencil back against this tape “hinge” as if you are opening a door. Remove this last piece of tape and immediately drop the stencil into a pan of water and clean it with a scrub brush. Note: The residue from removable tape sometimes picks up the mica powder and creates an undesirable color haze. To prevent this, rub a white plastic eraser over the tacky areas on the card stock before you apply the mica powders.


Apply these beautiful iridescent powders while the embossing paste is still wet. To produce very fine dots of iridescent color, dip a cotton swab into the mica powder, hold it 3-4 inches above the image and gently tap the swab over the wet embossing paste. Choose two or three other colors and tap them over the paste-embossed image. Set the card aside and let it dry or, if you’d prefer to have stronger swirls of color, angle the card over a wastebasket and tap off the excess mica powders. This will allow the powders to drift and coat the wet paste-embossed design.


As you apply the mica powder, some will fall onto the card stock. Wait at least an hour for the embossing paste to dry before you attempt to remove the excess powder from the card. If you have a thick application of paste, you may have to wait as much as two hours. When you are sure the paste is dry, use the “Swiffer” cloth to firmly rub off any excess mica powder.

* MOLTEN MAGIC - Another Technique

This technique requires a heat gun that heats very hot like a Milwaukee or Marvy brand. After removing the stencil and sprinkling the Metallic F/X powders onto the paste tap the excess powders into a rubbish bin. Now heat the entire paste-embossed image using the heat tool. Stay fairly close to the paper until you see blisters forming on the paste. You can create large blisters and then pull the heat gun away as you see them forming. To avoid burning the paper move to another area immediately. The moisture in the paste is what makes the molten effect, so if you let the image dry just a bit before you heat it you will have smaller bubbles form. If you have really large bubbles form they will collapse a bit as they finish drying or once the image is cool you can tap them down with your finger. Another technique is to rubber stamp on the semi dry image with a stamp that has Versamark tapped onto the stamps surface. You could do the same with another stencil image. Once you are sure the image is totally dry (I wait at least 20 minutes) you can now use the Swiffer dusting cloth to remove the excess powder from the cardstock’s background.